Achievement Coaching for Parents/Carers

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Achievement Coaching Programme for Parents/Carers

Our Achievement Coaching program aims to make parenting easier and more effective for you, offering practical knowledge, support, advice and guidance as well as  and tools and  to help your child thrive in a nurturing environment

Parents & Caregivers

  • Connect with peers for support 
  • Discover local support services 
  • Access Achievement Training and Trusted Youth Allies workshops

Children & Young People

  • Gain life skills for smoother transitions 

Education Setting

  • Foster healthy relationships
  • Enhance engagement in education

“I wish I had received this support earlier, it’s been so beneficial to me and my family, being able to connect with the right support services in the borough.”

Parent/Carer Champion

What is our Achievement Coaching Programme?

The Achievement Coaching Program is based on empowering parents and equipping them with knowledge so they feel confident to make informed decisions to support their child/children’s development.

What does our Achievement Coaching Programme Offer?

  • Tailored one-to-one and/or group coaching designed to meet specific parenting needs. 
  • Expert advice, guidance and support to empower parents to navigate challenges their child faces more effectively. 
  • Comprehensive parenting support to ensure parents are well-equipped to address various aspects of their child’s growth and well-being. 

How do parents benefit from the Achievement Coaching Programme?

  • Strengthened Parent-Child relationships: Forging deeper connections with your child through enhanced communication and a deeper understanding of their needs. 
  • Improved Problem-Solving: Acquire the tools and knowledge to tackle parenting challenges with increased effectiveness. 
  • Stress Reduction: Discover effective strategies for managing the stress that can accompany parenting responsibilities and learn to prioritise self-care.
  • Supportive Community: Connect with fellow parents participating in the program, creating a sense of community and mutual support.

More information about the programme

Sessions are scheduled on a weekly basis for up to 6 weeks. The delivery of these sessions can be either online or in person, depending on the parent’s availability and their access to The Nest.

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