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Are you passionate about mental wellbeing? The Nest has plenty of opportunities for you! Scroll down to learn more.
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Why Volunteer with The Nest?

With The Nest, there are volunteering opportunities for those who are passionate about mental health and well-being. As an organisation, our objective is to reflect and respond to the needs of young people in the community by ensuring that young people can influence services. We are providing opportunities for young people to take an active role in the community and develop themselves. 

Volunteering allows young people to improve their skill sets and drive the actions that make our community a better place. This gives young people an opportunity to increase their knowledge of mental health and the help that is available to support, them whilst increasing their professional network and improving their CVs for future employment. 

Available Opportunities

There is a wide range of skills that can be used and developed in your course of volunteering with us. Your voice matters to us, so feel free to raise suggestions for other causes you are passionate about, and we will be happy to support you. 

If this sounds like you, sign up now! 

Marketing and Communications Consultant

Fundraising Support

Programme Coordinator

Support with Recruitment

Social Media Content Creator

Youth Panel

Event Planner

Mental Wellbeing Champion

What Are The Next Steps?

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