Strengthening Families

The Strengthening Families Programme offers parent/carers and their young people a safe space to strengthen family bonds
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Strengthening Families Programme

The Strengthening Families program offers parents/carers and their young people a safe space to strengthen family bonds.

Parents & Caregivers

  • Therapeutic support sessions
  • Connect with peers for support
  • Discover local support services 

    Children & Young People

    • Support with emotional wellbeing
    • Safe space to talk
    • Access to new opportunities  

    Education Setting

    • Connect with support services
    • Support with coping strategies

    “I’m grateful that I found the Strengthening Families programme when I did. Being able to unpack everything I had bottled for many years, has really lifted a weight off my shoulders.”

    Parent/Carer Champion

    What is the Strengthening Families Programme?

    The Strengthening Families programme provides systemic therapeutic sessions (family therapy) and group workshops on some of the most pressing topics like; Trauma, Low mood, Depression, Anxiety and many more.

    What does the Strengthening Families Programme offer?

    • One-to-one and/or group family therapy sessions, designed to strengthen family relationships

    • Support to empower parents to navigate the challenges their family faces. 

    • Advise with finding emotional wellbeing support services for them and their family. 

    How do parents benefit from the Strengthening Families Programme?

    • Enhanced Parent-Child Bonds: Strengthen the connection with your child by improving communication and gaining a deeper understanding of their needs.

    • Effective Problem-Solving: Acquire the skills and knowledge to address family challenges with greater effectiveness.

    • Stress Management: Discover strategies to cope with the stresses of parenting and prioritize self-care.

    • Supportive Family Network: Build connections with other families in the program, fostering a sense of community and mutual support

    More information about the Programme

    Sessions occur weekly for up to 12 weeks, with options for online or in-person delivery, depending on parents’ availability and access to our facilities.

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